Anticipating Your New Tax Status

It is widely acknowledged that the only certainties in life are death and taxes. But you may feel as though you are suffering a premature kind of death if you fail to take into consideration your changed tax responsibilities after a divorce.

This is especially true for financially successful individuals in high tax brackets. The last thing you need after the stresses of a divorce is a surprise tax bill. At the law firm of Daniel H. Stock, PLLC, we can refer you to a trusted team of tax experts who can advise you on this potential minefield.

A surprise from the IRS is usually not one you want to get. But you can avoid being ambushed by an unexpected tax bill by hiring a lawyer who understands the factors that could change your tax obligations after divorce, including:

• Filing status
• Tax-free transfers
• Spousal support
• Child support
• Tax bracket changes

As a law firm, we cannot dispense tax advice. However, we realize that filing taxes after divorce is likely to present some challenges; particularly if you have substantial wealth. When you work with us to resolve your divorce, we can help you assemble an effective network of tax professionals who can advise you about the likely tax consequences of divorce in your particular situation.

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