If you are looking for a viable alternative to costly, lengthy, divisive ways to finalize your divorce, you should investigate the benefits of collaborative divorce - the efficient, life-affirming, inexpensive way to end your marriage in a way that does justice to both of you.

The NYC & Westchester County, New York, family law attorney who can educate you to the positives of collaborative divorce, regardless of the length of your marriage or the significant assets you may have accumulated, is Daniel H. Stock in New York City.

Daniel H. Stock’s more than 20 years experience as a divorce lawyer, reputation for results with a broad range of family law clients and role as problem-solver in complex divorces can show you a better way to a brighter future.

Mr. Stock listens - truly, genuinely listens - to your description of what you want to accomplish, for yourself and your children, during your divorce. He shares your wishes and goals, and does what he can to make them a reality. He stands by you, through thick and thin, good times and bad. You need proven legal skills, careful guidance and solid support behind you, at this difficult time of your life.

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Setting The Tone For Your Family’s Cooperative Post-Divorce Future

Collaborative divorce brings couples of similar goals together with their family law attorneys to reach negotiated understandings on all phases of ending a marriage, including child custody and visitation, child support and alimony, and division of property and assets.

Advantages of pursuing your divorce collaboratively include:

An atmosphere of candor, and a free exchange of ideas
Comfort and cooperation, setting a positive tone for the future
Acknowledgement of your children’s needs as well as your own
Control over your destiny, as opposed to surrendering it to strangers in a court
A tone of privacy and self-respect, dignifying your relationship
Efficiency, economy - the potential to save you money in addition to less emotional stress
For your own peace of mind, methods of collaborative divorce should be given every chance. No purpose is served by allowing lingering disagreements to hover over future relationships, especially the one you enjoy with your child or children. Your work with Daniel H. Stock may represent your one opportunity to share the responsibility, and the credit, for turning the lives of everyone in your family in a positive direction. Those who love you will thank you for it.

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