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Westchester & New York City Divorce Attorney

Divorce brings out the worst in people. The end of a marriage is a wrenching time for people, emotionally. But when the end of a relationship threatens your financial status, the stakes are that much higher. This is particularly true in high net worth divorces, where one or both of the divorcing spouses have a lot to lose.


We focus on the unique considerations of high-asset individuals going through a divorce.

Whether you’re a high-powered Wall Street type or the spouse whose presence at home allowed the other person to scale great financial heights, we can provide strong representation to get you the best possible settlement. High net worth divorces proceed like any other divorce until it's time to divide the assets. People of considerable means have more assets to distribute, which can make the process more complicated and drawn-out. For example, in addition to any issues of child custody, high-asset couples who are planning for divorce face particular challenges around: