Who Gets The House(s)?

The property you share with your soon-to-be-former spouse will likely be a major sticking point during the course of your divorce. Real estate is an issue in almost any divorce, but if you’re going through a high-asset divorce, you may have multiple homes to consider, including:

• Your primary residence
• A second house (e.g., in The Hamptons)
• An apartment in the city
• Properties out of state or abroad

You will have to arrange for a real estate appraisal during a divorce to determine which properties you will keep and which you will sell, who will get what property, and most importantly, what each property is worth. This is a big undertaking that will likely require multiple appraisers working in tandem with your lawyer. At Daniel H. Stock, PLLC, we know how to manage even the most complicated evaluations involving multiple properties scattered far and wide. We can help you face this daunting task, doing everything we can to preserve your wealth in the process.

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Get An Accurate Appraisal

Even if you and your former spouse agree on who should get what property, your job is not finished. You still have to have an expert perform a residential property evaluation on your primary home and any vacation or secondary homes you own together. Likely, this will not be an easy task, and will require two and maybe even three independent house appraisals per property.

It is important to get a real estate appraisal by someone who is familiar with the area in which you own property. Therefore, if you have a home in North Carolina, you should get that home appraised by someone who lives and/or works there. An appraiser in Westchester County, New York, will likely not have the same insight about real estate values in The Bahamas as an appraiser who lives and works in The Bahamas. At Daniel H. Stock, PLLC, we help our high-asset divorce clients secure real estate appraisals during divorce, making sure we get the most fair and accurate possible assessment for any eventual settlement.