Your marriage may be officially dissolved very soon - but you will always share your children. You owe it to yourself, and to them, to do what you can to seek amicable resolutions that dignify the relationship that produced those children.

Access to and custody of children affected by divorce can be one of the most heatedly discussed, debated and litigated components of the end of a marriage. When discussions about child custody, child visitation and parental relocation requests triggering out-of-state custody issues interrupt your life - and cloud your future - the NYC & Westchester County, New York, lawyer who works hard to return your life to normal after divorce is Daniel H. Stock, of the Law Office of Daniel H. Stock.

Mr. Stock’s more than 20 years as a lawyer, reputation as aggressive advocate and dedication to his appreciative clients can offer your best chance for maintaining the custody and visitation rights you deserve.

Family member and parent himself, Daniel H. Stock feels your pain. He is a human being as well as a skilled legal professional, so he relates to your frustrations. He listens to your problems and creates practical solutions to them. Everything he does for you during your collaborative, uncontested, contested or high net worth divorce, is done with your long-term best interests at heart.

Contact the Law Office of Daniel H. Stock to arrange the case evaluation and confidential initial consultation that could make a positive difference in your - and your child’s - lives.

High net worth divorce is a highly complex practice area of family law. A spouse could be awarded a portion of future earnings tied to the other spouse’s advanced degree or professional practice. Confusion may arise over which party should maintain possession of a primary residence or vacation home, motor vehicles or boats.


Daniel H. Stock Offers Family Law Solutions “In The Best Interest Of The Child”

As your lawyer, Daniel H. Stock can also help you to request or contest any attempt to take a child out of state for reasons of remarriage, business or military transfer, employment opportunities elsewhere or the need for specialized health care in another state. He will advocate for you in any venue and make creative recommendations that can help preserve your access to your child when the need for a “move away” presents itself.

New York City child custody attorney Daniel H. Stock capably handles any dimension of the child custody and visitation phase of your divorce.

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