Did you postpone your divorce during the pandemic? If you did, you were in good company. 


According to a survey conducted by Bowling Green State University's Center for Family and Demographic Research, thousands of couples postponed or canceled their plans to wed or to split up. In fact, nearly 340,000 fewer couples tied the knot in 2020 than would be expected in a typical, COVID-free year. There also were 191,053 fewer divorces. 

While these statistics appear to contradict expectations that marriages would fray during the pandemic, the divorce slowdown doesn't necessarily mean that couples were happier locked down. Part of the decline in divorce and marriages can be attributed to the quarantine itself. Government offices were closed. All of us were told to stay home. 

graph of divorces expected vs observed

Source: Bowling Green State University


What impact does New York's reopening have on my divorce?

As New York State heads into a complete, post-COVID-19 reopening, a significant challenge for couples considering divorce is how to secure a place in line for their day in court. During COVID-19, 99 percent of all court proceedings were held virtually, if at all. It was difficult for everyone concerned – the judges, court staff, lawyers, and the divorcing parties. With the reopening, the court is working through the pending cases and trials. 

Most parties are happy to return to live and in-person meetings. There is a possibility that some proceedings in court, other than trials, will continue to be heard virtually. And the consensus at this point is that going virtual in these instances is a positive outcome of the pandemic because it saves time and travel expense.

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