Entering into a prenuptial agreement before your “I dos” can settle any potential financial disputes in the unfortunate event of a divorce. Prospective spouses use these contracts to establish the protection of individual assets. However, an individual’s assets before marriage will not determine whether he or she can enter a prenuptial agreement.

Is there a certain amount of money or assets that needs to be at stake to trigger whether or not to enter into a prenup?  No, there's no specific dollar value that would make it preferable to have a prenup. Instead, consider what assets or investments that you would be uncomfortable losing in the future.

For example, if you invested in the stock market and spent a hundred thousand dollars on a stock buy and you were to lose your entire investment, would that be a huge loss to you? Is that an investment that you can personally afford to lose? 

If the answer is that you're not comfortable losing the entire amount of your investment, then keep in mind that a prenuptial agreement could be a good option to protect those assets before entering into a marriage.

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