If ownership of significant assets and valuable shared marital property are at stake in your imminent New York divorce - and especially in the absence of a prenuptial agreement - you have rights that must be protected.

An experienced family attorney can provide the detailed documentation, careful guidance, utmost sensitivity to your children’s emotions, negotiation skills and litigation talents that achieve positive results.

Our skilled lawyer can help with every phase of the high-asset divorce legal process - and give you the strength to move on. Serving a broad range of divorce clients in New York metro area, the Law Office of Daniel H. Stock is your home for quality, dedicated representation of your goals, in and out of court.

High net worth divorce is a highly complex practice area of family law. A spouse could be awarded a portion of future earnings tied to the other spouse’s advanced degree or professional practice. Confusion may arise over which party should maintain possession of a primary residence or vacation home, motor vehicles or other assets.

While conferring with expert investigative resources that can assist in valuation of closely held businesses, for example, Daniel H. Stock simplifies the process for you, listens to your version of events and material acquisitions during your marriage, takes careful note of your wishes and goals, and uses his comprehensive command of New York family law to reach practical, lasting resolutions you can live with.

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